LevelFirst place
Dome RTA
Gateway Galaxy
Good Egg Galaxy
Honeyhive Galaxy
Loopdeeloop Galaxy
Flipswitch Galaxy
Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor
Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Space Junk Galaxy
Rolling Green Galaxy
Battlerock Galaxy
Hurry-Scurry Galaxy
Bowser's Star Reactor
Sling Pod Galaxy
Beach Bowl Galaxy
Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Ghostly Galaxy
Buoy Base Galaxy
Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada
Drip Drop Galaxy
Gusty Garden Galaxy
Freezeflame Galaxy
Dusty Dune Galaxy
Honeyclimb Galaxy
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Bigmouth Galaxy
Gold Leaf Galaxy
Sea Slide Galaxy
Toy Time Galaxy
Bonefin Galaxy
Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor
Sand Spiral Galaxy
Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
Deep Dark Galaxy
Dreadnought Galaxy
Matter Splatter Galaxy
Melty Molten Galaxy
Snow Cap Galaxy
Bubble Blast Galaxy
Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
Loopdeeswoop Galaxy
Grand Finale Galaxy
Bowser's Galaxy Reactor
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No Co-Star (1P) and Co-Star (2P) Runs Have Been Split!

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted. This was the biggest turnout we've ever had, reaching 112 votes! Here is the final verdict: Co-Star (2P) runs will be split from No Co-Star (1P) runs for ALL categories, but Co-Star runs will appear first by default. We will not be implementing th

6 months ago
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