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the thing is that i submitted a toy time galaxy 2 speedrun but it was rejected since it was done on 3d all stars, and 3d all stars dont have any level leaderboard (i think this is a really common question but i need an answer, QUICK)


There isn't an official leaderboard for 3DAS ILs atm.


The amount of times this question comes up starts to disprove an original argument at release that "people aren't interested" in ILs for 3DAS

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I did try to solve this problem a couple months ago by making an external spreadsheet leaderboard, but that hasn't been as successful as I hoped because

1- It is not very easy to find, as there are no obvious links to it on this website or anywhere else.

2- As I was completely new to the community when I made it, it has very little authority compared to an official leaderboard.

I can put the link to it here if you want, but I agree that it would be better to have a more reachable leaderboard here.


i guess i should just post this but on the 3das forum...

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You could, the problem is that this topic comes up every couple of weeks and the moderators always give the same answer (which is no). I expect you would get the same response on 3das too as the moderators on the original game also manage moderation of the switch version.

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