World 6 First/Jet Run 2 Route for Any%
2 months ago
Kansas, USA

How feasible would it be for a World 6 First route that collected the Jet Run 2 badge using OOB to be implemented in Any%? I've been theory-crafting this since the Jet Run badge is fastest for All Royal Seeds and 100% but I don't know if the World 6 OOB glitch will allow access to that area of the map.

South Carolina, USA

Unfortunately Jet Run 2 Is locked behind a 25 Wonder Seed barrier so Jet Run 2 Is inaccessible if short on Wonder seeds, even with the OOB glitch.

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100% and All Badges Leaderboard Changes

Hello Wonder runners!

We have just concluded our poll in the SMBW Speedrunning Discord regarding the "All Badges" category, and it has been determined that the category will now be under the 100% subcategory "No Standees." This also means that true 100% runs will be found under "100% - Standees."

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