what the heck happened in 4-2?
1 year ago
Arizona, USA

sorry that this isn't really a speedrunning question but I have no idea who else to ask about this then people who generally have a solid grasp on the games weird mechanics

I was recently playing through The Lost Levels and near the end of 4-2, while playing as Luigi I hit a vine block that didn't go out all the way, ran a little and jumped on a Lakitu and the moment the vine started to grow again, the defeated Lakitu came back to life

does anyone have a solid explanation as to what happened in this video? Again I apologize this isn't speedrunning related but I don't know who else to ask lol


Ok 1st, the vine not going all the way is a common glitch. iirc it happens because the vine has 2 hitboxes and since there were a lot of enemies loaded, the 2nd part couldn't load

The Lakitu reviving happens because the game is coded to make Lakitu fly to the left and leave the screen when you scroll past a specifc object. The game doesn't check if the Lakitu is dead or not so if you kill it and scroll past the said object, Lakitu will revive to leave the screen

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Arizona, USA

thank you for the explanation

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