Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions Forum  /  add 1-1 blindfolded category I think this is better then fire 1-1 or equal in meme status

a couple of examples If not still going to try for fun maybe full game blindfolded in 10 years or so

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I personally think that wouldn't be very interesting due to muscle memory. 1-1 AFM is more complicated and varies, and it relies on a lot of skill (believe it or not.)
Other than that the mods aren't gonna add any new categories like, either for a really long time or ever again.

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We already have a Blindfolded category so I don't think it would be a good idea to add a 1-1 Blindfolded category to the list

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And even if you did add a 1-1 blindfolded category, DJ Incendration already as a perfect overworld into 1-b underground, and perfect last room, so there isn't much to optimize there

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ok cool still going to try for fun