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imo first 4:56 bc literally a few weeks before darb got it people thought it was humanly impossible

edit: or maybe andrewg's first ever sub-5 bc i think that was 2011 and thats a really pog milestone

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human sum of best was like 4:56.6 or .5 at the time and it wasn't thought to be humanly impossible. Also that's not a great metric. Let's say somehow there's a new trick that saves 4 seconds and someone gets a 4:53 with it. It would be a time that was previously thought to be literally impossible, but not speedrun of the decade.

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IMO it should be Andrew's 4:59 back in 2010 because it's both a big milestone in smb1 speedrunning and it broke the 5m barrier. And might be the last "minute-barrier-breaker" (:P sorry for the bad name) for smb1 any%.

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What's ACE? I've heard it mentioned like one time ever

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either a) 4:55.913 because of 9th attempt clutchness or b ) andrewg's 4:59 because of how big the sub 5 milestone was and still is

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Kosmics 455 hands down.


Or the first ever 4:54 which is yet and inevitable to happen


the og post literally says 2010-2019 also why are you posting on a year old thread


Why can't he?


'Cause we don't necro posts that aren't relevant anymore


okay whatever lmao


Mine was Kosmic's 1st 18:59 at Warpless!! I was so shocked at that moment that his practice in a few weeks, or maybe months were paid off.


Probrably Niftski's 4:54 or kosmic's 4:55.913.