I think the CE rules need to be clarified/specified more. The rules on some of these don't even make sense or they don't say start and end times and some don't even tell you the objective of the category. Some of the rules that I think need to be updated are:
-Minus World
-Beat 5-4
-1 Warp
-10 Walljumps
-Second Quest
-Second Quest Warpless
-8-4 Any%
-8-4 Warpless
-Pacifist Warpless
-500 Coins
-500 Coins Deathless
-1000 Coins Deathless
-All Coin Heavens
-All 1Up Mushrooms
Beside from that, most categories don't post the rules on when time starts and stops. I think these should be fixed.


Most categories don't post rules about time 'cause it works the exact same as the normal Any%/Warpless.
Also, I don't understand what's confusing about any of these