I've gotten at least 3 notifications every time someone ties the world record. I don't mind the tie wr notifs, but why are they appearing 3 times each?


good question
i got just 1 notification for the nifski´s run when it was still not verified and another one later, so i could explain that gives a notification at the moment when is submitted and another when is accepted and visible on the leaderboard
but 3 notifs for the same? idk

  GTAceGTAce is a good site and it organizes tied runs that were done the same day by alphabetical order of the video link and not a sensible way like what time it was submitted/verified, so the leaderboard kept getting messed up and out of order and some of the verifiers had to go back, edit the links so the runners would be in the proper order, and re-verify the runs.

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Wow, that's really awful. I feel bad for moderators

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@GTAce99GTAce99 Can you please explain how do you edit the video links of the runners?
(I'm the one who found out about the alphabetical order by the way)

For example, in the minus world category you currently have a 3-tie in 2021-07-06 between yourself, Niftski and LeKukie.
YouTube video URLs are generated at random, so how do you force an exact order for the three of you?

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@Oreo321Oreo321 sorry for the slow response, we changed parts of the url that didn't affect the video key but did change the order, i.e. vs. and https://youtube vs. http://youtube.

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