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I will start off by saying before you submit an idea, there's a very very high chance it's going to be declined.

Why? Several reasons are possible from the following:

- We already have 42 categories which is already too many in my opinion
- It's a slight variation from an existing category
- It doesn't make logical sense
- Nobody has done runs of it or is interested in doing so
- It has complicated or silly rules (ex. stomp every third goomba) that makes it a pain to both run and verify
- It can only be done on emulator

New ideas need to be unique, and with the amount of categories that we already have, I feel about every feasible idea has been exhausted at this point.

We sometimes give the answer of "you can have your own leaderboard elsewhere" because that's our stance and we're rejecting the submission. I understand folks want a record on here, but if we accepted every idea that has been proposed, we'd probably have somewhere around 200 categories on this board which is absurd. Nobody wants to be a moderator of a nightmare like that. If you want to run some other leaderboard of miscellaneous runs, you are free to do so.

A friendly reminder that this is a Category Extensions (or meme) board. With the exception of possibly 2 or 3 categories, this board is not intended to be taken seriously like the main leaderboard. The categories are meant to be fun, lighthearted and give you a little break from the main categories.

SMB1/SMB2J main leaderboard runs are always given higher priority over runs on this leaderboard because we're the same group of moderators.

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Glitchless and Both Quests isn't an "Extension" category in my opinion, thought this would be a good place to add this

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I dont think they are. Literally nobody plays glitchless seriously. Maybe 2nd quest and 8-4 IL but that's it.

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@YourFreeChickenYourFreeChicken I think if Kosmic and GTAce99 have optimized Glitchless to get every framerule (with the exception of good ol silly ultra super duper no way fast 4-2 that LeKukie is getting close to) and are adding fast accels and it has some hundreds of attempts, it's serious enough

There are other categories where the WR isn't even 100 attempts (like some of the ones by RoyLT)

@NickySteingraberNickySteingraber I'm confused, how is it not an extension? Both quests is playing the 2nd harder quest after the normal quest, kinda like an extension to the original category

I've considered making a post like this, mentioning which categories got accepted out of all the ones got submitted, but Roopert did it for me

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The way I see it, It's not really a meme part of the game like a lot of extension categories are. Plus, both quests warpless is basically a "100%" category of the game, Would also like to add that glitchless is really never apart of extension categories for other games.. so why make it an extension for this one?



"It doesn't make logical sense"
Dont to be dispectfull, buuut… for example?
I dont understand why a category can be so "ilogical" to the category extensions lol


Lol 1000 jumps xd.
Anybody request that? because I think there are no many people that are decided to do that xd.

Ps: "It has complicated or silly rules (ex. stomp every third goomba) that makes it a pain to both run and verify" so 1000 jumps bad xd

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I know this will never be a category but better as well to say it. Glitch Warp is what it's called.
Rules(you can add some if you want to.)

- In 1-2 you have to clip in the wall at the end and go to World 5. Either that or go to 4-2 and hit the block for the vine but instead you go down the pipe.

- You can clip. Of course,Anywhere that it's possible.

- Flag Pole Glitch is allowed but this category is supposed to be somewhat easy,not the next Any%

-Have Fun. Or try to!

Glitch Warp is a cool category and I would like to see it. I'm not sure how many would run it though... Tell me what you think! Tell me if you want to see a run(might be bad tho)!