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Sorry for lag in 4-1 and 8-2. I recorded an avi file and spliced the two videos together with movie maker, which you should never use.

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Also, somebody better improve this because 8-4 was trash LUL

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Ok so I just compared this to blazit's tas and I lost a framerule in 4-2, and a few frames in the turnaround and water room, which means this tas should go down to 4:38

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How in the world did you figure out that pipe entry in 8-4????!
Ok, delaying the all stars any% grind for 4:57 so I can grind this category with this new time save holy jeebus how did you figure it out?
and how thicc
i'm ded

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Nah you're not lol
Also wtf chicken you're a legend


The fact that no one has tried this before bewilders me.


This community is usually fast to find time saves like that, especially somewhat obvious ones.


just finished a AISSON TAS in 4:38.275 RTA timing. i will upload video soon and post it here


Is everyone forgetting that blubbler is the one that found this and made a forum post a few days ago? lol

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No, I saw that thread earlier. I was just saying it's surprising that no one has discovered this a year ago for example.


Yeh blubbler found the timesave in 8-4. I might try to improve this tas, and actually put effort into it as well because I pretty much just made a tas as fast as I could before anyone else.


I saw this post before I saw i_o_l's post, so I kinda thought it was YourFreeChicken's discovery at first
also why the hecc is my post going thicco mode?

also one day someone must get sub 4:40 in AISSON because it's possible now
@B1GEY3DPYTH0NB1GEY3DPYTH0N That was not obvious at all, for a couple reasons
1. I didn't even know you could go down that pipe until I watched YourFreeChicken's TAS.
2. How in the world does it make any sense to scroll the screen that little and get to the same room as scrolling way further and getting to the normal pipe entry spot? How are we to expect that there are more than 2 possible warp zones, when we have only experienced 2 possible warp zones, and the videos we watch express that there are only 2 possible warp zones?
(when I say warp zone I mean like when you go down the pipe and go to a different place btw)
3. To expect us to find this trick a year ago, when almost nobody is looking at the game seems kind of unreasonable.