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I play on NES classic, and when i do 8-4 IL i use the pellsson ROM on NES Classic, and recently got what "should" have been a 44.543 and tied for 6th place, but once it was submitted, and frame rate was converted, it ended up being 15th place instead. Today, i got a 8-2 (44.427) on NES classic, which "should" be 2nd place, but now i don't know what it will be after its submitted. I want to see what peoples opinions are on this, especially the MODs.

People often state that slower frame rate makes it a bit easier, since you have more time to do frame perfect tricks and such. The difference between one frame on NES vs NES classic is a mere 0.0000273 seconds, or one fourth of one ten-thousandth of a second. In my opinion, that is incredibly negligible. over the course of the entire ~44 second speedrun, the difference in timing is about .06 seconds, and the overall framerate of the consoles only has a difference of 0.098814 fps. again negligible.

For a category that is so optimized, for such a short speedrun, with differences in frames mattering A LOT, and now with a really good NES classic speedrun, I don't see why this shouldn't be changed. Again, I am only wanting change in 8-4 IL, not all categories.


We currently don't award free time that wasn't actually achieved. You completed the run in 44.616. You didn't real-time complete it in 44.543.

It's generally understood that you are at a bit of a disadvantage by running on a slower platform. If I ran SM64 on N64 instead of the VC version, I wouldn't expect them to give me a time that I didn't actually get just because I ran on a slower platform. I do understand what you're saying though.

If we changed the rules for one category, we'd have to change it for all. I cannot see any scenario where changing the rules on just one category is a good idea.

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Would you be opposed to making this rule change for all categories? I understand that this is much more of a stretch for longer speedruns, since it’s essentially “giving away” a couple seconds over a 20+ minute Speedrun, but it’s just rediculous to say that using NES Classic over NES gives any advantage, so that’s why I think timing shouldn’t be a disadvantage for NES Classic users. Gives people a cheaper option.

I do totally understand your point of how I didn’t complete the Speedrun in 44.543 seconds real time. I am just trying to view the situation in a different way.


I know I said this in discord but I'll say it again here. Advantage/disadvantage doesn't matter. Time is time. In real time (which is what we time with) your run was slower because of the framerate, and so are all runs played as such. We can't control the speed of which the NESClassic runs. We can't change time itself.


I'm not in favor of changing that. If we did that, we'd need to go over a bunch of runs and alter the times. At a quick glance, there's roughly 100 runs on the LB comprised of Wii, WiiVC, Switch and NESClassic runs on just the Any% LB alone. Then you have Warpless, MWE and all 42 of the CE categories that we have which I haven't glanced at.


@Kriller37Kriller37 You can always use an emulator with a NES controller, it may even have less input lag than NES Classic depending on your setup, also it fixes the time problem.
If emulator isn't an option for you then I guess you're stuck with the time disadvantage unfortunately 🙁