2020 goals

AISSON WR can be hard but it’s kinda easy for me cause I got used to the frame perfect jumps for the FPG and that framerule in 8-4 can save more time


But yeah otherwise it’s still not easy getting a WR

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West Virginia, USA

@NickySteingraber I'd check out the smb3 any% no wrong warp Arcus posted on YouTube somewhat recently, he uses some interesting and slightly easier-looking strats for the w8 levels and still gets a pretty decent time!

-456 and 457 any% -Walkathon wr -Low 24.8 1-1 as fire -Maybe softlock wr

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United States

updates on how goals are going: (hopefully this doesn't count as a necro, if so, oop)

my goals for 2020 are:

  • 4:56.1/4:55 smb any% | Incomplete | still haven't even really touched this category in a while, the burnout was unreal last time i played and losing runs in any% is still discouraging to me for some reason
  • sub-19:03 smb warpless | Incomplete | i've tried to do serious attempts but have almost always died to 1-4 or 2-1 (idk how don't ask) but i still plan to go for this
  • top 10 smas warpless | Complete | i held record for like 18 hours and my first sub-20 was a 19:53 so that's pretty cool i think
  • get a decent 8-4 IL | Incomplete | can't do fast accel anymore + i've never been good at double fast accel. hopefully if/when i get everdrive i will want to grind this category out
  • take smb2j seriously | Incomplete | i tried doing some runs a few hours ago and some made it kinda far but 80% of the runs died to either 1-2 or 4-4

out of the 4 goals i have still remaining, i really only plan to take 2 of these seriously (warpless and smb2j), which sucks, but kinda my fault for lacking motivation at the beginning of the year

how is everyone else doing on their goals? i hope things have gone well for you all :)

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Hong Kong

my objectives: Get a sub-5 any% and wall jump. I suck at doing the wall jump even with the two frame setup.


My goals are: Sub 5 any% Sub 20 Warpless A better beat 5-4 A better 8-4 IL Finally getting my co-op run with @natgoesfast Finding other interesting games to speedrun And outside of speedrunning I'd say: competing in Smash bros tournaments (check) Getting good at Guitar Hero (check) Starting to stream and make youtube videos (that's planned for the really near future). 2020 is gonna be a big year for me. School's over so I can be a full time streamer until 2021.

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He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

Get a sub 5 Sub 20 warpless and do speedruns of other games

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