How to finish levels with AISSON cheat code?
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How to finish levels with AISSON cheat code?

can you show a clip or something? That's not supposed to happen

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Andalusia, Spain

what ROM is it, PAL or NTSC? It doesnt end levels on PAL for some reason

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you go through the block on the castle/house after the flagpole so you continue walking, but when the framerule comes it continue with the next level

it just walk forever, the time number is not going down, I have video, but don't know how to post it, also it is one both PAL and NTSC verson

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Gosh that thread is already a year old and I still remember it vividly. Anyways, you can join the main Discord server (linked on this game's page) and send the video there, we'll be able to help you in no time

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