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Ignore the date in the title that was when this was supposed to go up, but I've been busy as hell and unable to find time to do this until today. All runs done after March 31st are not included, which has a huge impact as I'll get into later. Also worth noting I deleted my past 3 Link times from the leaderboard, which reduced my score and increased the scores of 3 other people compared to what they would be. Now that that's out of the way, lets get into it.

Just to get this out of the way, VictorMR is a much better player than his rank suggests. He only ranked so low because I based this off the time frame that it was originally supposed to represent if I had done this on time. Since the cut-off point, he has been grinding the game frequently, especially the past few days, and it is extremely likely he will be the most "improved" player in terms of rank next time we do this.

He is just 1 new player however, and there are 2 more. I said last time that there were new runners who expressed interest in the game, and how those who did, NathanM and Ayden, heavily effected the rankings. Not only have they continued to run it, with NathanM being the most improved player moving from 19th to 11th, but DragonEggOmelette and TheKingK have become the highest debut ranking for any runners. TheKingK has beaten one of the oldest standing WRs, Sophia III Any%, by 16 seconds, and DragonEggOmelette has become a sort of rival for me in Link Any%, ranking 1st in Link for these rankings (although still a second off the WR I deleted) and has since beaten the old LInk WR by a fraction of a second.

I see great potential for the latter half of 2021. With 4 of the top 5 runners inactive, 2 new runners close to entering the top 5, with DragonEgg in particular taking the game quite seriously, Nathan likely wanting his top 10 spot, Owen becoming more active, and VictorMR grinding runs out as we speak, it is possible that the top 10 could look vastly different after the next PR update.

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