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One thing I've wanted to do for a while is make a chart showcasing how the combined world records of each character has dropped over time. It starts on 5/16/2018 (the day the first Simon WR was submitted, as he was the last character to have a verified WR on this leaderboard) and continues up until now.

Here it is

I will continue to update this as time goes on, and if other sub categories such as for example SMB Warpless get a world record with each character, I will make one for those as well.

In regards to why it's split into all time and last 10 records, it's because as the game becomes more optimized, the difference very quickly gets to the point where a new record barely makes any impact on the graph. For example my recent world record with Link may have expanded the graph by half a year, but beyond that the actual line did not drop, or at least by no amount visible to the human eye.

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