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Okey, I fell so stupid asking this, yeah, buuuuut… it is posible to run a Co-op run without any more, only 1 player? Or is needed to be proved that are 2 players playing?
Because I think would be going to have no sense if you can play alone in Co-op, and to run with one player a category for 2.
Ah, yes, and any% Co-op is easy free second position lol jaja XD

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The rules don’t specify, but I think it should be added for the integrity of the game. From the videos, you can see that communication and planning in reaction to hammer bros is the main thing the category has going for it. Solo 2-player mode would almost be just a slower version of the main category.

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@ElectroLlamaElectroLlama okey, thanks!
Basicaly would be any% but with a Little reset for each time the player change, so basicaly it can be perfectly beated, only as idea
(Im not a profesional of this game but as well)

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