Hello, I was thinking about this new category since it can be a little challenging: Beat the game after getting the 3 anchors.
You can get them by getting all coins in 2-2, 4-2 & 6-7.

(Fun thoughts at 2:20 am)


So, NoWW 1-1 to f-1, then warpless through 2-2, whistle W4 and beat 4-1/4-2, whistle W6 and beat warpless, WW in 7-1?

(edited: )

If you warp from W2, you're going to select from W5-W7 & the WW is banned
My routing idea is:
Warpless W1 (you get a P-wing for 6-5), Warpless W2 but with all the bros (you get a cloud to skip 3-6), Warpless W3, 4-2, warp to W6, Warpless W6 up to 6-7 & warp again to W8 & finish the game.
In the way you can collect the Hammer Suit or take the flower in 6-7, Navy, Hand 3 or 8-F.

Edit: in W1, you need the 2 whistles, because when you warp in W6 you keep in the same line from W5-W7, so you need another whistle in the Warp zone, to go to W8.

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I have actually recently started doing all white mushroom house runs. Been calling them White Mushroom House %. I'm not really speedrunning at this point, but just trying to not go too slow. I've been playing through to 4-2, warping to world 5 and playing through to 5-5, warping to world 6 and playing through to 7-2, and warping to World 8 to finish the game.

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