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I cannot provide videos for my 2 suggestions (cuz I succ at gamee loll) but I believe my 2 suggestions would be fun and challenging

all suits: get all the suits (frog, tanuki, hammer) in the player inventory time starts on pushing start and ends on collecting the final suit needed

all items: collect all 14 obtainable items in the game that can go in player inventory time starts on pushing start and ends on getting the final item you need to complete the run

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secret mushroom house exit%

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Last stage IL

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Special% The special version on switch online

Overijssel, Netherlands

Special% is more like autoscroller% with the two clouds you get. It may sound interesting with all the power-ups you get, but the only useful (fast) ones are the hammer suit and the clouds. Which means you just end up with a boring world 8, since you skip 2 of the very few interesting levels.

The 2nd Bowser arena category is just too similar to NWW. There's no chance anyone is going to run that when they can run NWW.

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New sub-category proposal for Frog%: Any% (No Wrong Warp)

Using a route similar to Small Mario Only Any%, you can actually beat the game as Frog Mario, unlike the other Frog categories which end at World 5.

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Ohio, USA

Threw down a 23:08 in Frog% No Wrong Warp. I lost a one hand run afterwards due to the 8-1 clip taking over a minute and a half. Doh.

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I think this thread must have been made shortly after I started doing my White Mushroom House % runs last year. I got sidetracked for a while by Zelda II after I tried to make this my first speedgame, and I'm finally making my way back to SMB3.

I find this run to be a lot of fun, and worked my time down over the last few weeks as I eased myself back into running this game. I think it is a good run for transitioning from playing the game casually, especially if getting all the white mushroom houses is something you like to do.

My basic rules are to complete the game with no wrong warp, collecting the item from each white mushroom house (spawning the white mushroom house alone is not sufficient). The run is otherwise Any% with warp whistles allowed. Item duplication would be banned in case a way could be found to exploit it.

Two other players have expressed interest in running this. One of my friends did a run or two last year while he was working on 100%, but I don't think he highlighted his run. My latest best run is below. It had some overall good RNG which made up for some otherwise sloppy play in parts.

Anyway, I'd be really excited if this idea gains traction, and I hope some others consider giving it a try!

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Pennsylvania, USA

Also, I see some posts above about Frog% NWW. I heard some talk about this one on Twitch and gave it a try along with the other frog categories. I didn't know about the 8-1 clip until I saw helf do a run earlier tonight, and went the whole way to 3-7 to get a second cloud, so I could easily take a chunk of time off this one just by doing that. But I have a run to submit if this does get added as a provisional category.

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Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

I'd be up for running White Mushroom House%, too

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I now have an example Any% All Anchors run highlighted. I've had a few completed, but this was the first one with no ugly deaths. Previous PB had a death in 4-2, but got to fight the world 4 cloud bro before warping out (actually saving time on the split - previous best had a death in the world 3 airship). I got through the run deathless, but the cloud bro went left in this one so I didn't get the extra cloud. But then I got no hands, so the luck was still far above average overall.

Overijssel, Netherlands

I have added both Frog NWW and All White Mushroom houses. You can find Frog NWW as a new sub-category under Frog% and All White Mushroom Houses under the misc. section. Now go and submit your runs!

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If it'll encourage more people to give Nice% a try, you can modify the rules to remove the restrictions on how the lives are accumulated.

-From a new game, complete level 6-9 with exactly 9 lives and 69 coins total on the status bar. -Warp whistles are allowed.

British Columbia, Canada

Category idea: Any% Fixed Here are my original rules: All normal Any% rules apply, but you have to fix the second-half of the ending. If the second-half of the ending is not fixed, the run is invalid. You cannot use #$4C.

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A speedrun where you need to get all the special icons (Coin Ship, White Mushroom, and Card Game) on the world map at the same time



I got a 2:30.6

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Got it down to a 2:39 after figuring out a way to grind points in 1-1 instead of playing 1-3 and 1-F. It's a fun and quick little category. Was thinking we could call it All W1 Bonuses or maybe All Map Bonuses

New York City, NY, USA

got a 2:36.766 (by lb timing) and i like the name all w1 bonuses

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