Any% No Wrong Warp Coinless?
Washington, USA

I tried this category, and the biggest differences are Hand 2 and 8-2 because of the sun giving a coin after beating the level, and not getting coins makes it much harder to go fast. Does anyone else think it could be a fun category? I also have a run if anyone wants to see it.

Basque Country

probably share ye interesting but then like, for 8-2 you have to avoid playing it right, if is posible lol hand just get luck

Washington, USA

here is the link: pretty slow since i was just trying to complete a run. i also finished world 1 for the p-wing which is slower but will help make 8-2 easier.

California, USA

No WW coinless is pretty boring. It's all about 100% coinless. I've done it many times with save states, and my fewest is $12. There are some pretty unique challenges, like 3-3, Hand 2, and the hardest part: the end card in 5-7.

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Overijssel, Netherlands

It's all about 100% pain LUL

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