Request Sub Category for Frog% - All-Stars
1 year ago
Ohio, USA

Here's my official petition to have an All-Stars sub category extension added for Frog% runs. The differences between the two versions of the game warrant the sub category request. I've found that several strats have to be altered from regular frog% runs due to the changes in how collisions work (hello no 30 frame pauses). Additionally, the level design change to 4-4 completely changes how the level is played. There's some other differences as well; one major change is that buffering inputs over the bros on map transitions does not work. Anyways....

I envision the category rules being as follows:

  1. The player must run into the first goomba in 1-1 in order to become frog Mario.

  2. Timing starts as soon as Frog Mario appears on the world map; time ends upon wand grab in 1-5.

Accidentally equipping items that change Mario's power up state (except for the star) voids the run. Run is also voided if the player fails to run into the goomba in 1-1 in order to change into frog mario. It is fine to equip the star. You can still use the music box and hammer on the world maps.

The game genie codes below make this run possible:

Change To Frog Mario Whenever You Go To The Map CB69-AC07 D069-AC67

Collisions Turn You Into Frog Mario D9A8-6CAA

To date DisasterKatti and myself have both ran Frog% on All-Stars. Our runs are listed below for reference:

Katti's run: My run:

And yes...I've finally accepted that Frog% is a meme. I don't care lol.

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It’s Not Bad!

United Kingdom
He/Him, They/Them
2 months ago

only world 1? Also it's 1-Castle. 1-5 is an undergound stage.

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