RetroN 1 ban and clone console warning
3 months ago
Virginia, USA

the smb3 mods have been reviewing clone consoles since some emulator quality/accuracy/fidelity discrepancies have been observed. as a result, we have decided to ban the clone console "RetroN 1", and consider this a warning if you are playing on or considering a low price clone console option.

the retron 1 does not accurately observe lag frames, even in lag frame heavy levels like 2-pyramid, 7-4, 8-tank1, and others. as a result, for longer runs, the retron could have a timing drift of several seconds. this makes it challenging and unfair to compare on a board in which competing runners could otherwise have different positions on the board.

we'd like to look for other clones and related issues (e.g. polystation), and also solicit feedback from other runners and technical folks about this. we don't own all clones, so other insight is welcome. please leave comments in smb3 discord so everyone can participate and learn. thanks all, glhf!

note: audio quality and palettes were not considered as criteria for ban, though anecdotally, they can be associated with lower accuracy underlying hardware.

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fceux has recently been banned on the smb1 leaderboard due to inaccurate lag frames. have you looked into this for smb3?

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United Kingdom
He/Him, They/Them
3 months ago

well if we think about it like that, many more nes games would have to ban fceux too.

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