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Hey, sorry for the inconvenience I'm sure this gets asked a lot, but I tried to google the answer with no luck. So I'm just starting out with speedrunning and I'm trying to use Livesplits autosplitter for Super Meat Boy but when I start the game the timer doesnt do anything. Livesplit runs as an admin, in Edit Splits.. Auto Splitting is active, the path to the .asl is valid. I also downloaded Thermospore's any% IL subsplits. What am I missing? Do I still have to start the timer manually? Sorry if this sounds dum Im pretty new to this


hi. the timer should start when you hit 'start game' in the main menu. if it doesn't, there's some sort of configuration issue, or the autosplitter just isn't detecting the game properly. i would say double-check to make sure it's activated & see if there are any settings you missed (it's been a while since I messed with the livesplit autosplitter but iirc some of them have settings that govern whether they try to start, or do intermediate splits, or do the final split. if they're in this splitter, they would be in the settings button next to the activate button), but you sound like you already did all that.

even if it's functioning properly, it won't autosplit upon completion of every level. it'll just do game start, chapter completion, and final split. thermo did the IL subsplits by making his advance-to-the-next-stage button (the A key) also a manual split key.

a couple other things:
livesplit/the autosplitter have to be running on the same machine that the game is running on. they function by reading the game's memory.
it also probably won't work at all if you're using the new beta meatboy patch tommy made public a short time ago.

not really sure what else to say, so I hope this helps.


also, now that i think of it, you should check to see whether the subsplits plugin comes bundled with livesplit by default


I don't think Thermospore's ILs work with -7's autosplitter. Thermo manually splits his levels using A and S when he jumps to the next level/back to the map.