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Bandage Resetter
A tool that enables a player to continuously practice Bandage Gets without save deletion. (external link)
Character Unlocker
View the video for a quick tutorial on how to use it and what it does. (external link)
Control Station
What this program does is simply scan your computer for the savegame.dat file and delete it without the need of confirmation, or having to open a folder. In addition, there is another button that will Launch your Super Meat Boy without having to navigate through the taskbar Steam Menu and selecting Super Meat Boy. (direct download)
IL tool
View the video for a quick tutorial on how to use it and what it does. (external link)
JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) enables PC game controllers to emulate a mouse and the keyboard input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! Whenever joystick buttons and sticks are pressed, JoyToKey converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the targeted application will work as if you are using a real keyboard and a mouse! (external link)
Allows controller inputs to be bound to keyboard. Necessary for dual jump on keyboard. (external link)
List of levels
These can be accessed at any time using the editor / devmode. (external link)
Modified IW splitter (Original by -7)
This is basically -7's splitter that splits at every level. This is for anyone like me who struggled to get the splitter to split at every level and can't be arsed to try and figure out why. The splitter will split on start so just reset it and manually start it when you select the first level. It will continue to autosplit thereon. (direct download)
A keyboard visualizer (external link)
Practice Program
View the video for a quick tutorial on how to use and what it does. (external link)
This will help the game run more consistently on your pc. 'consistently', in this case, means fewer lag spikes. Loading times should be affected too. Even if your pc's great, if the game is running at, say, 60.3 fps instead of 60.0, the physics will be subtly screwed up. This is also the fix for 7-19x problems. Add supermeatboy.exe on the program's list, set it to 60fps and leave the program open in the background while running. Check forums for more details (external link)
SMB Launcher
A custom Super Meat Boy launcher that provides options not available in the original game. It also provides options for speedrunners such as an option to launch Livesplit for you. SMB Launcher will provide you with a clean layout and simple dropdown boxes to change your controls. An example of a feature that speedrunners may use is the option to delete UserData every time the game is launched. Please, send me ideas and changes for future updates through the discord @ N0ught234 (Tom)#1270 (external link)
A tool that allows you to reset saves with clear saves or custom premade saves (start at a certain world with a certain character), choose all launch options (like -ultralowdetail, -devmode, -palette, -fullscreen etc).. (external link)
Super Meat Boy Stats
A tool to view your Super Meat Boy savefile stats (external link)
X360 controller visualizer (external link)
Individual saves for the start of each light chapter
(direct download)
Exo's any% PB
Exo's splits (split on chapter complete) (external link)
Thermospore's any% IL subsplits
Some nice IL any% subsplits for you to use with LiveSplit. This will save you a lot of typing! Should be easy to change them to your route, too. I use -7's autosplitter in conjunction with setting the split key to "A" on the keyboard, the same key you use to exit the level! Makes for completely automatic splits you don't even have to think about. (direct download)
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