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i started speedrunning SMB few days ago and i have a big problem. I need to do pause buffer but pause button is only on esc and "p" key. Im using "q" for special and space for jumps so pause buffer is pretty impossible.
Is there some way, how i can rebind it to another key? I dont want to use any third party programs for that.
Thanks! 🙂


Unfortunately, we don't really have a way to do that. People use AutoHotkey for that purpose.


And that is allowed in speedruns?


Ok thanks guys.. ill try to find some better solution.


Ok, in case someone cares: You can download AutoHotkey, make script, covert it to .exe and then uninstall AutoHotkey. Awesome.. just hoee its allowed 🙂


" Scripts, alt glitch, and replay manipulations are banned in this category."
Any% Rules.. Well i Guess no Eause Buffer then


The script ban mostly refer to Larry script, a program which allows you to consistently get a 3-cycle Larry. AutoHotKey is allowed and many keyboard runners use it 🙂


What autohotkey does in this case is only rebinding keys. Worth noting that this is the extent what is allowed, macros for example are not.


ye it's allowed and totally fine and im mister not okay with anything