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Just learned they are pushing an update to SMB which is currently in beta:

It might focus mostly on Super Meat World, but might come with some changes to the game. I heard you won't at least have to restart tab out of the game to wipe your save data:

Question is, is anyone willing to investigate it? Might look out for a potential larry manip? otherwise this would still be the best time to advocate for that feature~

And if not, anyone seeing some potential in SMW? Might allow for some weird randomizer/10man run categories like Mario Maker did


you should probably join the discord and ask around there. there is a channel dedicated to the beta.


We already have a randomizer courtesy of -7. It's pretty hilarious to play around with. Shoutouts to getting Dark Cotton Alley in Forest before my hands are even warmed up.

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Most likely the time save/loss will be negligible compared to the current version (with the exception of timer glitch). It is unlikely that larry would change and I very much hope it stays that way.

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