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Since Super Meat Boy is now available on Wii U (, it makes sense to add it to the list of systems for runs.

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Been extensively testing this version while traveling and working recently. Unfortunately, not unlike the PS4 Blitworks port, this has significant issues, both in strats involving saw sync times as well as strangely the timer itself. For instance a "Black Circle" IL run will result in 19.xx, where before even with serious mistakes you'd get a 18.9x, as well as 3-20x resulting in 17.xx on a run as opposed to 360/PC would easily be 16.9x or even 16.7x... It's very strange.

Suffice it to say, neither the PS4/Wii U ports were done their due diligence to accurately model the strats and timings present in the originals (X360/PC), nor did they fix any of the issues consistent across all versions. Add to that the lack of any form of Teh Internets and these quickly become the least desirable platforms to be serious on, imo. The new OST notwithstanding.

P.S. I'm top 10-15 IL on almost every level and nowhere near the player I used to be, this platform needs competition badly. Wii U ID same as here, so if you're so inclined, all comp is welcome there. Anyway, glad it made it to Nintendo, just sad Team Meat didn't do it themselves as Blitworks totally jinxed the top strat community and the most rabid fanbase. But for the less MB experienced obviously they'll never know. 😕

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@Jintek Is the timing differential consistent or at least almost consistent or is that not it? Also is this a timer differential (real time ss runs take same time) and if so do you know if the spawn times are different. Not ever gonna effect me anyway but just curious.

I presume wii U is the same characters as xbox and ps4. It's a real pity I mean two of the three unique characters dont give much variety or potential and in turn you miss out on some of the best characters in the game. Naija, meat ninja, runman are all very different and cool to play...not that have of you peeps have even tried them ;/