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Has two functions:
1) A log of your level completion times. Works on all levels in the game, including in warpzones, glitch levels, bosses, and times warpzone grabs. Shows the time immediately (warpzone grabs are slightly delayed) instead of waiting for the replay. Only reads memory so you can use it during a speedrun if you really want to. Has a death count for each level, because I had to track it anyway and why not?
2) In-game timer mod. Not perfect but it may be useful. Modifies the game to show the in-game timer on more levels. Works on all levels except for both escapes. In non-character warpzones you need to die on the second and third levels to start the timer. Also give infinite lives for warpzones/glitches, which wasn't intentional but hey, whatever.

The clear button and the 0-0 levels etc. are to ensure the times get added to the bottom, easier to capture that region of the sceen.

Should be frame-perfect timing. Being off by 1 frame may occasionally happen, mainly in bosses.


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AAAh i didn't see that this came out ! I'm gonna try that asap, thanks d-gits sir 🙂


Thanks for the tool ! But the link is dead :3