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Hi all,

I've opened up submissions for an any% tournament to begin on Sunday, June 12th! Tournament details and signups are here:

Registration is first come first serve up to 36 people, so don't delay! The only eligibility requirement is a PB under 25:00 (edited from the original 20:30) submitted to - so if you're not there yet, get grinding!

If you have questions, post 'em here or shoot me a message on twitter. I'm looking for a couple of people to help moderate the tournament, so if that's something that sounds cool to you, lemme know!


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My PB is 21:41 ;-; why do I suck ?
The idea is great though !


20:30's not too far off - I think you can get there in time! You can join in up to three days before the tournament!

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Why is the time requirement so low, it is not like we are getting a huge surge of players anyway.


[deleted my last post because i don't want to make this some sort of exclusive thing and after posting, realized how exclusive i was sounding.]

if the general consensus is that the requirement should be more forgiving for the sake of encouraging people to join in, i'm receptive to that. what would people suggest changing the requirement to?


based on what i've been hearing, i'm going to change the eligibility requirement to 25 minutes. hankyu - you're in luck! scarlet - you'll just have to shave those 40 seconds 😛


Unfortunatly I will not be able to take part of this tournament but this is a really great idea
Hopefully there will be more like this one !


Unfortunatly, our dear Hamb will not show up for the tournament :///
However, this tournament is a reaaaaaly good idea and sounds fun to me 😃
Don't know if im gonna join yet, 22.03 kinda sucks ^^'


ah that's too bad. thanks for letting us know fallin. hope he's doing well with his thesis.

see uber's comment regarding your pending participation!


Yeah, this is a bad timing for him regarding his thesis 😕
But hey, pretty sure he'll be around to watch runs and support the whole tournament, this is Hamb after all 🙂

And i dont wanna die :'( but i cant participate with my level neither :/// i need to get that sub20 and faster than that but some skips are giving me bad times (I HATE YOU MONO !) and im still dying a way to much during my runs ^^

Dont worry ill keep that in mind and think about it a little, Hamb already told me i had to sign up, so i guess this is not a final answer ^^ would love to play with smb's gods like all of you 🙂