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I am using the standard autospliiter by -7 i have tried launching livesplit/super meat boy at administrator, but it didn't split. It dont start when I press start game. I have activeted it but it dont work. Sorry for my bad english


Here is a tip just don’t use it


Which version of the game do you use ?
If it's 1.2.5 than it won't work.
If you have the gale on steal you should switch to the ogversion which is the one with every speedrun techs.
Just right click on meat boy ob steam-> properties and in the beta tab select ogversion‚ no password required

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Danonymous Thank you, now it works 🙂

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no problem! don't hesitate to go in the community's discord if you have questions. You'll have way more answers and faster if you need advises on strats...

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