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Any% isn't actually Any%, Any% (major glitches) All Glitches is actually Any%, the naming for these categories goes against the Standard naming conventions of speedrunning and is kind of odd. Could just call the main category everyone runs

Any% (No Major Glitches) which is generally what most games do when there are hyper game breaking glitches.

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You can believe it we have considered this before and it won't happen. It is too much of a hassle to change it now.


Any% IS actually any%. Because that's what we named it.

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Major Glitches and Alt have always been apart, on the side.
Any% is a convenient way to express the fact that it's the main run.
Also, historically, Any% is the name.
Do you have at least a good reason, that isn't based on merging all naming convention?
Also, as vorpal said "nah". Most runners would definitely prefer staying with Any% name.


Any% gets the abbreviated title because it's the better category. Any% (Major Glitches) categories get the longer titles because they're shittier, less popular categories

More importantly, it doesn't matter

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Like please understand that I've spent 2000 hours playing this game and could not give less of a fuck about what we call the categories in this community

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I'm just saying it goes against what the name means for like every game ever, and the reason it's called any% in the first place. I mean you could also call the actual Any% category "True Any%" but like it could be confusing to people who don't run this specific game as to why an Any% category bans certain glitches lol


if speedrunning writ large has a hard and fast definition of any% being the single fastest form of completion, then we should throw the designation "any% NMG" out the window and just call those categories "NMG"

but we don't

because naming conventions for speedrunning categories are not universal, they're totally arbitrary

some communities distinguish their less glitched form of any% as any% NMG (e.g., a link to the past)
other communities distinguish their less glitched form of any% as any% (e.g., super metroid)

we do the latter for the reasons already stated

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