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Just an idea but should we include our boss times in the Level Leaderboard. If so where should we put them, add in a new column? Or should we just stick them in the extra end level ILs spots that are there? Thoughts

The bosses I'm thinking of are C.H.A.D, Brownie, Light Escape and Dark Escape
and for Brownie I am thinking that we should do it skipless.


nice idea but i think the best thing to do is to put them in their actual worlds, will result in a few extra slots on the dark worlds and alley but there cant be a mix up then. Also we could do the same for warps


Hmm warpzones would add a lot to the LB but that would also bring along glitch girl too.

For the layout it would go like:
Glitch girl - Levels - Boss - Character Warp, Warp 1, Warp 2
or should we do somethign else


i forgot warps would have to be split in 3, maybe put boss and warps under something like forest misc, of course thanks to the layout in this thing it would still have to go 1-20 so we would need to use the rules as instructions or something? its messy


Good idiea ! For little slugger, I think we could stop the time when we touch the wall on extrem right ?
And same for fetus... when we touch the final button?


Ok I just through up a template for forest of one of the 2 layouts I think would be viable.

The other option is to have a boss, 8bit, glitch zone etc category


Actually that's not a bad idea to use the boss times of Lil slugger, but there isn't much in that level 😛 On Fetus tho, that would be pretty cool


Hey ! I think we can include super meat world times... only the interesting chapters/levels (expert remix, hellostone, zero hour, super meat land...)


We could do that Litchi but the site's layout would make it very annoying to follow sometimes, like the boss thing. If ye really want it though I will set up the leaderboards, I still only have forest done on the boss thing as a sample but it wouldn't take long at all to set up in general.