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Heyho meat boys,

I have a few questions.

I'm watching so many speedruns and decided to start my own project.

I start speedrunning all light levels and time it for my own. Not like the official rules. Doesn't matter atm. For this I have some questions?

Question 1.
Is it possible to skip the video at the end without restart the game? If no, do I have to watch it to the end for official timing?

Question 2.
Is the Browni skip possible on ps4? Or only PC?

Question 3.
If there are some differences between pc and console version,why are there no different speedrun rankings?

Thanks for your help meat boys 🙂


1. I don't believe its possible to skip the cutscene on anything else than pc sadly 😕
However if you're running any% timer ends when the cutscene starts so it's not part of the run and not a problem.
If running Dark ending or 106% it's in the middle of the run and you unfortunately have to sit through it.

2. Brownie skip is possible on every platform, you may have already seen this vid but it helps a lot : <>

3. There's quite a lot of platforms and the vast majority of the runs we get are pc, dividing every category by platform would essentially create a big mess of empty or almost empty leaderboards. You can however already filter the lbs by platform to get an idea of the console rankings.

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So I'm not allowed to restart the game to cancel the cutscene?

Thanks for the answers buddy 🙂


Since you trigger the final cutscene, you can restart the game 😉


Just to precise, you need to press backspace to exit the cutscene.


Brownie skip is really easy on the Xbox version however the Xbox versoion is slow by about 1-2 minutes


Now 1 person say I have to watch the cut scene, and the other one says Im allowed to restart.
What's right now? 🙂


"I don't believe its possible to skip" doesn't mean it forbidden 😉

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We have so few console runs It's actually one of the first times this question comes up,
I don't think the commu in general would be against it.

I'm waiting on some feedback from the other mods, we'll let you know as soon as possible

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Sorry for the delay, seems like noone is against the practice, it is definitely allowed,

It'd be most useful for dark ending,
one problem is that exiting the game during a 106% run will most likely mean that you can't use the timer glitch.
Levels completed with it won't count as beaten when relaunching the game on at least the PC and x360 version (thanks jade for the test).

Gl on the runs 🙂