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I play this game casually, I don't speedrun this but I found a major glitch/issue. I was playing on my 144hz Gsync moniter on fullscreen and I realized the game was running at least 2 times faster than normal.

Maybe this can help?

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it looks like there's an oversight on the rules popups. rules text should be saying the game must be run at 60 fps for all but one category, but it only appears for IL pages at this time.

the any% all glitches category, of course, is free to run at whatever fps it wants. but yeah, if you wanna see something fun, try running at completely unlocked fps. if i disable vsync i can get up beyond 1100 fps and the game can't quite handle it . . .


In before IHD at 1000 fps.


You should try this with alien hominid or josef autojump, its ridiculous 😃


As vorp said, this is used in all glitches category, (only Uber's run uses it atm).
It will be fixed in the new patch aswell but for now setting monitor to 60hz should do it that's weird, maybe rivatuner would do the trick ? (in the ressources section).


Rivatuner doesn't work, I tried it. It's 60hz or bust if you're playing on the current version.


So this could just half the current any% all glitches if anyone manages to handle this?


Any% all glitches already uses this so no.


matte you gotta let people have their fun

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Speedrunning is serious business

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Cant get it to stop even when i set my moniter to 60hz

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There should be a another workaround, but the beta definitely fixes that.

"The Beta is only available to Windows users that own the game on Steam. To access the beta, right click on Super Meat Boy in your Steam Library then go:
Properties -> Betas -> Enter Code (smw1234567890) -> Opt In

This will unlock the smwbeta branch. When you select that branch it should update and give you the beta version of the game."