any% no WW route

By EszikEszik. Last updated

- Forest: 1-1 to 1-14, then 1-16 to 1-18

- Hospital: 2-1 to 2-17

- Factory: 3-1 to 3-17
OR 3-1 to 3-11, then 3-14 to 3-19 (fastest route, do it only if you can do the 3-18 skip consistently)

- Hell: 4-1, then 4-3 to 4-17, then 4-19

- Rapture: 5-1 to 5-7, then 5-9 to 5-18 (fastest route, do it only if you can get the 5-1 fast strat and do the 5-18 consistently)
OR 5-2 to 5-18 (if you can't do 5-1 without dying/messing up)
OR 5-1 to 5-17 (old route, do it if you can't do 5-18)

- The End: 6-1 to 6-5 (what did you expect?)

Further notes (by vorpal):
The above routes assume standard PC loading times. If your load times are worse, most likely due to playing on console, you have some route options. In general, load times matter much more when you enter and exit stages from level select rather than simply beating levels and advancing to the next one, so routes that involve exits to map will become comparatively worse. How can you tell if your load times are worse? If you watch streams and see that nearly everyone else saves seconds over you every time you exit to map.

With bad loads, try these routes instead:
forest: 1 through 17
factory: 1 through 17 (borderline case; would be worth timing yourself, but 1-17 is easier)
hell: 1 through 17 (if you're willing to skip ahead of the moving platform before the end of 4-2, otherwise do normal route)
rapture: 1 through 17 or 2 through 18 (whichever is easier; compare your 5-1 time vs 5-18)