A Wrong Warp to Chapter 6 - The End Guide

By BoogieBunnyBoogieBunny. Last updated

(Can't read? Here's a video )

So I didn't really find any guide on how to do this so I thought that hey I'll be the last to suffer from trying to understand by myself and make a guide. Enjoy.

this requires a fresh save file, so to do that, basically turn off cloud saving from Properties > Updates on steam. For safety, grab your save file + backup file from wherever meat boy is on your computer (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Super Meat Boy\UserData ) and copy it somewhere safe, and paste it when you want your file back.

Alright, now launch super meat boy. Go into the forest and enter directly into level 1-5. Enter the warp zone.
On level 1 of the warp zone, Get the bandage and progress as usual. Now pay attention. Get the bandage on level 2 as well, But as you get to bandage girl, Hit space on your keyboard. This will take you to the replay screen, which usually isn't available on Warps. Hit W and restart the level. Get the bandage again and progress as usual. Now get through the last level, and in the world map, you should notice tow bandage markers by the level name, yet the chapter progress still shows 0 bandages. That's ok.
Enter level 1-6, And start playing up until level 1-11, Collecting the bandage in 1-7, 1-9 and 1-11 along the way. As long as you don't exit to map before finishing 1-11 with a bandage this will work. Any interruption will cause the glitch to fail.
Now when you exit at 1-11, Notice the glitch girl level is unlocked (also, 1-7 is marked as unfinished. not an issue.).
Go to the glitch level and beat that. When you do so, exit to chapter select and bam, The end is unlocked.
From there do whatever you wish, I don't need to explain the route for now.

I hope this tutorial helped someone at least. Good Luck!