Reverse Boss Order by The Wrong Warp Team

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Today I am going to explain how to do a reverse boss order run using wrong warping and bandage duping.
Bandage duping is a glitch in SMB that occurs when you pickup a bandage then press replay level instead of continuing to the next level, then grab another bandage.
Bandage duping works differently if you use it on warpzones, or in main levels.
In Warpzones, only the final amount of bandage matters : 1 and 2 are useless, 3 glitches out the game, 4+ is kind of confusing and strange effects can occurs and you can crash your game.
In Main Levels, depending on which level you get a bandage and in what order, you can get different effects.

If you die in a warpzone or in a glitch girl, with this route, you can reenter it and continue the run without problems, which is kind of cool.

The Wrong Warp Team finally arrived to a route that allows the player to beat the game in reverse boss order.
Ok, reset your save and go to 1-5 then in the warpzone.
Collect 3 bandages in one of the level, but not both.
Beat the warpzone.
Go to 1-18
Beat the level
Collect the bandage in 1-18 thirty eight times (I know that can look enormous, well in fact, it is a high amount of bandages, but it's required.
Also, for safety, you can eventually grab more bandages than thirty eight bandages (if you go above 100, it might crash your game).
Go to 1-5 warpzone again and grab 3 bandage in one of the level. (you should have a level without bandage and a level with bandage)
Beat the warpzone.
The glitch girl of Forest should be unlocked.
Beat the glitch girl level.
Go to world, Rapture and The End should be unlocked.
Go to The End, to Fetus; beat Dr Fetus that should be unlocked. RIP Doctor Fetus. Press Backspace to skip Credits.
Go to Rapture, to Larry; beat Larry. RIP Larry.
Go to Rapture again.
Go to 5-12 warpzone. Collect 3 bandages (no matter the order). 1 bandage in level 1 and 2 bandages in level 3 or 2 bandages in level 1 and 1 bandage in level 3 or 3 bandages in level 1 or 3 bandages in level 2.
Go to 5-16; beat 5-16.
Then grab thirty eight bandages in 5-16.
Hospital, Salt Factory and Hell should be unlocked.
Congratulations if you made it this far, this is the hardest part of this run.
Go to Hell (not IRL)
Beat 4-5 and 4-6 (there are two missing levels in the level count for Little Horn to be unlocked so just unlock them intended).
Little Horn should be unlocked.
Beat Little Horn. RIP Little Horn.
Go to Salt Factory.
Beat 3-5 and 3-6.
Beat Brownie. RIP Brownie.
Go to Hospital (not IRL).
Beat 2-1 and 2-2.
Beat Chad. RIP Chad.
Go to Forest.
Beat 1-1 and 1-2.
Beat Little Slugger. RIP Little Slugger. The run is done.

Congratulations on beating the game in reverse boss order.

If you want shorter notes, here they are :
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Good luck

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