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This would make a lot of sense as emulator saves a significant amount of time over console in this game. In any% it saves roughly 18 seconds according to my calculations. In warpless and 100% it would save a lot more.

I haven't brought this up before because there hadn't been a good run on console. Now I have a 12:16 I think it's unfair that the run is listed as second even though it is a better run than the first place time.

This is not banning emulator runs - they can still be submitted and will still appear on the runner's profile and if someone clicks show emulator runs.

If nobody has posted meaningful objections to this change within the next few days, I will implement it.


Just my two cents: I don't think it's unreasonable to hide emulated runs or put them in a different category. At the very least, there could be a description/estimate of the time difference so that it's more clear what the best run is.


With regards to warpless small mario - nobody had replied to my post about it so I assumed it was fine to change it. Also if that isn't a misc category, what do you think is?

Due to the amount of time emulator saves it is ridiculously hard to beat your time on console. If your suggesting to do runs on emulator then that is backwards thinking - console is the real game and should take priority over an emulated game.

I'm not trying to change everything but even if I was, at least I'm posting in the forums and asking people's opinions instead of going ahead with everything (like adding warpless small mario in the first place).

Not everyone can run on console, yes, and emulated runs can still be submitted to the leaderboard. They would just be hidden by default.

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For most games where emulator is faster, it's simply banned. We are aware that not everybody can play on console, but allowing emulator times be directly compared to console times makes us console users feel pressured into using emulator to compete, which should never happen under any circumstance.

Having emulator runs hidden by default is a fair compromise. Your emulator runs still get shown to the public and are attached to your profile.


Sorry, but this is pretty ridiculous. I've seen a lot of crap on some speedrun games lately, and right now, this makes the mistreatment I got in Brawl seem like nothin. I'd understand if I actually noticed some difference in between emulator and console, but come the frick on. Y'all finally get someone who runs this and does it really well and you pretty much blacklist it.
I did two runs of this game. They're wr times, but lucky for this teeny tiny community, I have no way to record it.
Have fun never seeing times for this game posting again.


Baseball ... what the fuck?
You're talking like a prick who doesn't even know what he's talking about, since there is a difference on the EMU and Console. Even tho it is small, it does matter, no way how you turn it.

"Have fun never seeing times for this game posting again." - Well, just started to run the game again offline and made some strats for sub 12, so ... no?

BTW, "teeny" community huh ... glad you're with us then


A much easier solution would be simply creating a separate board for emus such as many other games did, over banning or hiding such runs. or maybe do some research to discover if there's any conversions that could be made to match the times from emu and console.

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