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So, there's a sorta well known glitch supposedly in this game called the Running Backwards Glitch. When I did a bit of diddling in this game with Jumpyluff years ago I tried to replicate it but couldn't figure anything out. I'm doing ILs again in this game, but the problem is this glitch is still relevant as a user on uses this glitch to get gud times, but seeing as I am unable to do it I can't realistically compete. Every guide I've found says to hold left and right, but this is impossible to do on a gba sp ( the buttons wont let you hold both) and doing so with a gamecube controller on gb player doesn't seem to do anything. There are a few """guides""" out there, but most of them are of emulators, and allow double d-pad inputs (which you cant do as mentioned previously). I may just be really crap on gb player and the glitch is doable on that, but regardless I'm just trying to find out information as to whether it's doable on a gameboy sp or not, as that affects things relevant to myself ^^

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I've been told that people were able to get it to work on that old fat DS, where the dpad is "squishier". I've got two of them and neither dpad is to that point.


Right, yeah I've also been told it's able to be done on an sp with a super super worn down d-pad. So it seems like it's only doable if you have a device with a heavily worn down pad, which is... irritating but it makes sense