As someone who hasn't been running for very long at all, I really do not mean to seem ignorant, but given the pretty decently linear quality of this game, wouldn't IL Leaderboards be pretty helpful for a game such as this? I may be being slightly biased since I think IL's are fantastic, but in every circumstance I've witnessed, they seem to do nothing but grow the community and greatly improve the likelihood of beginners (such as myself) to get into a game that would otherwise seem difficult to approach. Just my view on it though, let me know what the deal is with it!


This is where I and a handful of others have submitted IL times. It may change in the future, who knows.


Okay cool, thanks! I probably won't submit to there, just because I prefer to stick to and not make a bunch of extra tedious accounts for a game I'm not too serious about, but I appreciate the quick response!


I would probably run some IL as i find myself trying to get a PB on some levels continuously as it helps me to run this game better and it's fun to try to beat your Personal record so I would be glad if IL categs were made. Not only that but probably there would be some runs on the levels from other runners as well.


Two years later, still the same as it was

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