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2 months ago

Hey guys!

After some discussion on the Yoshi discord server, mt decided to make me mod.

We talked for a long time about the state of this game. Despite it not being as popular as the SNES version, I wanted to clean it up, so I can moderate runs in a timely fashion.

Here are some changes:

  • Emulators are not allowed anymore After some investigation, we came to the conclusion that GBA emulators are inherently inaccurate and will not be allowed anymore. chris has done some great comparisons, and you can see that the current WR run saves a few frames or maybe eben seconds in every transition. So to make it not a competition who can find the least accurate emulator, we decided to ban it alltogether. If a better emulator gets developed in the future, emulator runs might be allowed again.
  • Timing changes Of course every other official release is gonna be allowed. The issue is just that different consoles run on different framerates. To make it more fair, we decided that converting the times would be the best option. The baseline timing will be the framerate from the original GBA release Here is an overview to all the relevant framerates. When submitting a run, make your to convert your time accordingly, when not run on GBA. And note it in the submission notes. Here is a useful website for easy converting.
  • Game Boy Player and Game Boy Interface will be added.

So here is what I'll do now:

  1. I will reject all emulator runs. Here is a spreadsheet of all the old emulator runs
  2. I will be retiming all the times to GBA timing
  3. Add GBP and GBI

With all this, I hope to make competing for top times in this game more fun.

If you have any other questions, feel free to DM me here or on Discord.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Any chance of adding Low% IL's to the board since this version of the game does make lowest scores possible?

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Michigan, USA

Would it be possible to allow emulator runs if they're put in a separate tab on the leaderboard like with SM64?

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no emulator runs, because they're all inaccurate. it would be a race to find the fastest emulator

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