Over world commands: B + -> Changes current power-up B+Up Copies current power-up to inventory slot B + Down Changes current Yoshi B + <- Toggles the switch palace blocks of the current color of Yoshi you are riding. If you are not riding Yoshi it will turn all switch blocks off. If all switch blocks are already off it will turn all switch blocks on. In Level Commands: L+Select resets current screen L+Select+Start resets level (this doesn't work perfectly and you're usually better off exiting and reentering) Things to note: -You must create your own save file. I would recommend a 92 Exit File with the switch palaces undone so you can practice them if you need to. -You may hit "Back" on any level even if you have not completed it. -The effects of getting all 96 exit goals (pallet changes and stuff) are suppressed -If you enter a switch palace after toggling that colored block as active the switch will not appear. -There are a couple levels that are glitched and will not you reset them (DS2 and CI2 come to mind) Simply exit the level and reenter them. (direct download)
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