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I'm going to be starting these runs soon, because I think it will be fun. I enjoy breezing through all twenty levels instead of skipping so much of the game. Could this category please be added? Thanks.

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I will add an "All Levels" category. I only call it All Levels because that's what SMB2 calls it, and I'd like to keep it consistent. I look forward to seeing your runs.

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Oh, awesome, great to see/hear about more runners! I actually did do a few All Levels runs a few months back, only a couple weeks worth though because other speedgames/life priorities and such. It's a fun run, but really hard (at least, for me it was). I did however find a couple cool strats for it that hopefully you'll be able to see well in my pb vod I'm about to submit. A couple of big ones I wanna mention is the strat I did to get a star using those big circle things in 3-1, as well as the version of 6-2 skip I did. I also have a clip of me doing it with Peach: w/ peach I was only able to do it by using the doors to reset the enemy positions, though even if I found a way to do it w/o the doors I think Luigi is likely still faster.

Also, there was a weird speedboost I got from an enemy, maybe might be useful as speedtech?

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