Download Link not working
1 year ago
Nevada, USA

Another thread had a link to download the game since other websites removed it but its just an empty map and no characters, cant even interact with basic things like the signs or enter the castle. Our computer is a windows. The link I downloaded said it was version 1.1 which seems odd as the game came out I believe in 2020. If someone can help me fix the download or give me a different link I would really appreciate it. My kid is 10 feet up my @$s about this and I'm not even 6ft. tall. please help. TIA

He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

The download link in the other thread should work. If you can send a screenshot of what the game looks like (not sure what you mean by empty map), I can offer some more help. The game doesn't have characters, only NPCs, and make sure you're pressing E to interact with things such as signs and doors.

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