Issue with BA rules
4 months ago
United Kingdom

As stated in the title, I have noticed a problem regarding the rules of bowser amiibo. The problem lies in the clause: 'Runs in the amiibo categories must forcibly use amiibo'.

The problem with this rule lies in the adverb, 'forcibly'. The problem with this, is that it creates a generic rule that can be interpreted by the moderators. This can lead to 2 similar runs, where one is rejected and one is accepted - as 2 different moderators interpret this rule in 2 different ways.

Furthermore, what classifies as 'forcibly'. One interpretation could involve skipping furies using the bowser amiibo - this is a more extreme example. The problem arises for new runners. New runners with presumably little knowledge of the game would be unaware of this strategy, and therefore wouldn't understand why their runs are being rejected. This idea is further weakened as some CE's are unable to meet this requirement - Loaded% would be a great example of this. Loaded% only occurs during 1 fury and therefore would not be able to be used to skip furies. Furthermore, the excess lag produced when bowser appears means you lose more time the longer you spend when bowser appeared. And this is ignoring the fact that you can't resummon bowser without collecting a shine. To sum up, loaded% could not 'forcibly' use the bowser amiibo, so its makes the category impossible.

Another interpretation lies with using BA as soon as your reach the number of shines, this is a problem yet again for new runners. New runners be slower than experienced, therefore they are more likely to not have enough shines or barely get enough shines. This is most prominent with Fury 4 due to its large 20 shine gap + large choice of shines, this combination leads to an unoptimized route where beginner runners will often be at 41 if not 40 shines leaving fury 4. So suppose a scenario where a runner gets the 40th shine while it rains in a BA catergory. They used the amiiibo to get into the bell earlier instead of waiting for earlier furies, however never skipped any furies as they are new to running fury. Therefore prior to fury 4, they have used the BA 3 times - once to enter the bell. Therefore in this scenario the runner would not use the amiibo as it is raining and thereofre would not be 'forcibly' using amiibo - therefore the run should be rejected. This would be a problem and can deter runners if they know there run will get rejected simply on the basis of being two slow.


In conclusion there generic rule creates problem, this is due to a range of interpretations from different moderators which can create discrepancy in the moderation process. Furthermore, this rule will deter new runners who want to try amiibo and finally such a rule could not work for CE's that deal with 1 fury, such as loaded% and 19 shines. Henceforth, I think that this rule should be removed and replaced with 'Runs in the amiibo categories must use the amiibo at least once'