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As almost everyone knows, vallu returned to BF, did some Speedruns and got the first sub 27 completion of the game. Now the question is, how the time can be improved?
I ask this since awhile ago Ari discovered that is possible to get 11 shines in fury 1 saving around 5 seconds.


The same way the WR has been improved previously; routing changes and movement improvement. 11 shine Fury 1 is indication that routing and movement can definitely still be pushed further. The future is still bright for improvements, though they're gonna be slower for sure.

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still no timer-dependent parts like every bowser battles and the very start to the 1º shine i guess are normal parts that can be smally improved in speed
about the fury timer, i think WR still gets a bit late in the 4º cycle after the fury time started, beside that the rest seems just perfect so idk but getting 11 shines 1º cycle makes sure you get a perfect 4º cycle as well so thats POGGERS