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When pianist's [current Bowser's Fury PB]( was cross-posted to r/speedrun, I skimmed through it to check shine counts at each bell as I've been doing for records, as that seems to be the main way time is saved in the run. I noticed something strange, however- I'll copy what I wrote there here.


I was jumping around through the run to check shine counts at each bell, and noticed the timer freeze at 25:36.66 from 25:58 to 26:31 in the video, where it resumes. So I checked when the timer starts and ends in the run, and it goes from 0:21 to 31:39 in the video for a time of 31:18 (plus or minus a second or two), which adds up with the timer being paused for 33 seconds.

I figured that this was something that should be brought up so that the mods were aware of a potential error, or so that the reason why can be explained.

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At this rate, sub 30 minute is definitely possible.

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