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As almost everyone already knows games have loading differences between digital and physical copies, for example mario Odyssey has 11 seconds of timeloss compared to a digital one... However, Bowser's fury is almost a load-based game while entering fury fights, finishing fury fights and of course, save loading. I calculated how much physical loses over digital and this goes from 40 to 50 seconds!! As you can see it's barely possible to compete at a top level with this copy of the game and I don't believe changes like updates for the games for faster loads will ever happen.

Now I leave this answer to mods, what can we do about this?

Sorry for my bad English too

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i have physical copy and this sucks


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We have added awhile ago a Digital/Physical selector when submitting runs with the hope for Runners to self-moderate and select the correct option for the copy they're playing on.

This allows players on Physical to be able to compete on a more equal playing field with other Physical players, while still being able to compare against Digital runners to see where their runs would be more likely to be after subtracting the load times.

An Auto-Splitter that pauses for loading may be an option in the future, but that would not be for a long time.

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As @JentanJentan said, I asked if this could be a thing, and they made it so! Splitting the boards with such small a difference would be bad.

I was on physical too, since I got the game as a present from my partner. But since I decided that I want to take this game seriously, I bought the game a second time. Obviously it's up to you if you want to join that camp, but don't feel pressured in the feeling that you can't compete in the top.

Load removers on Switch are AFAIK not possible in a consistent way. Even the auto splitter I made with toufools tool doesn't work too perfectly, but is a solution at one point.

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adding an extra variable just makes the boards/statistics worse generally, also with physical losing anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds it's kindof a mess

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