It's not impossible to find something new but the version is 23 years old in one of the most popular and examined speedrun games of all time, so I wouldn't expect anything.

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I 100% expect somebody to find something...

I also 100% expect nintendo to fix it...

Oh well


No word on IL runs? If they were brought over here, I guess it'd just be the same as the 64-S-G boards where each zone has its own subcategories to split out stars/shines. Just askin' cause I'm an IL junkie.

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I would actually love that. I keep forgetting to mention it. thanks 🙂


Most people completely ignored thr version of Mario 64 since it was only released in Japan, So not sure, we still might find somethisg crazy. Lol I'll ROFLMAO if something broken is found which makes this version of the game faster than the original version.

(edited: )

From what I've heard, a category could be Super Mario 64 + Super Mario Galaxy for those that don't want to deal with Sunshine's poorly ported controls.

Also, for the max%'ers, there's also could be 482 star, although at that point since 360 is like 16-18 hours, you may want to look at Breath of the Wild 100% or Red Dead Redemption 2 100% for sleep break rules.


Please can IL speedruns category be added for super mario sunshine.

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any chance of getting segmented categories?


No, Segmented runs generally don't have a place on SR.C. There are very few exceptions, and I mean VERY few. Most games don't allow it due to the fact that it is super easy to make spliced runs. Even the infamous Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 100% doesn't allow segmented.
Also according to "General Gameplay Rules" section on the Site Rules page ( "Segmented runs (runs performed in multiple sittings, often with each segment retried many times until it is made as optimal as possible) are most often disallowed."


Well if anything, allowing segmented runs would make it harder to gain an unfair advantage by splicing, right? But yeah segmented categories have pretty much disappeared in favor of single segment or TAS these days.

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in RE4 segmented is a category on the category extensions, and its more used to practice for single segment runs than its own category with a lot of competition, its not going to take over, and i think that for the noobs like me it would be fine.


Competition is kinda the point of a leaderboard, if it's just for practice you don't really need one


@andresfgp13andresfgp13 nothing is stopping you from practicing/running TA. You just wont be able to submit


idk if anyone has thought about this but what if we make a new category for getting all 482 or all unique stars which would be 361 cause i was thinking of doing a run where you have to actually get all unique stars on galaxy or all stars in galaxy (including 64 and sunshine of course) but everyone seems to just focus on the first 120 of galaxy and finish the run so if i do the run is it possible for this new category to be added?

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