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At the moment in regards to categories we are only planning on having multiple game runs. This includes the 360 (120 stars in all 3 games) and 175 (70 star, any%, and any%). This might change before the game releases with individual games potentially getting their own leaderboards.

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From what I've seen it seems to be direct ports with HD resolution and not actually remakes with extra stuff added (like OOT3D, TWWHD) so I'd say the individual games runs can fit on their original leaderboards since it's technically the same game. But of course that will be up to the moderators of those games and their respective communities to decide what to do.

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this might be a dumb idea, but how about an "all blue/purple coins" category where you have to collect all the blue and purple coins from each game

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@R0mainR0main yeah that's why we're holding off on individual games, we wanna see what the communities from them say before doing anything against their wants since they have their own leaderboards

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Yeah it's pretty hard to decide what categories can work with this game on it's own leaderboard at the moment other then the one's Odme has already mentioned as we know next to nothing about what has or hasn't changed about the games in this collection. Which I assume is going to be just the resolution and 64 being the shindou version.


so hipe to get 3d all-stars


clay i think they were using japan game play


(super tiny nitpick, but shouldn't there be a hyphen between "All" and "Stars"?)
It'll be nice to see even more runners for these games, I needed an excuse to get going with Galaxy!

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Maybe there can be 100% for doing all 3 games. Say like doing 120 star 64, all shines for sunshine, and whatever the 100% equivalent is for galaxy(I haven’t looked at the leaderboards a lot). I think it would be cool. Of course it would be like a 10 hour category but it would be cool.


We might not be able to integrate into the individual games leaderboards if it is different enough. Like if Nintendo patches the BLJ. That was what happened with New Super Mario bros U deluxe


I think it should be the same categorys from the original leaderboards, means Sunshine gets the categorys from the speedrun.com/sms leaderboard. Same with SM64 and SMG (If BLJs are patched in the SM64 Version it should be only 70 Star and 120 Star)


i feel like (regarding individual game boards) its something that we'll just have to wait and see what happens on and after launch


hey homies


Bugs and glitches are very likely be fixed, Nintendo likes to fix what shouldn't be fixed...

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That's a good point actually, this will be the first itteration of these games where Nintendo can patch anything they want post-sale - IIRC downpatching is possible but not very intuitive for the Switch? I'm not too familliar with it myself but I heard it's a pain. I'd be surprised if they plan to do any kind of patches if they keep up the whole limited-time physical+digital sale thing though, they don't seem to committed to the idea of supporting the collection release long term.


i think the only thing similar to "downpatching" is having a physical copy and keeping it offline


If you have the physical version then it is entirely possible to delete your game data from your switch and have it revert to the the cartridge. It's also possible to TURN OFF automatic updates so you can manually tell the game if you wish to update a game or not.

HOWEVER if you happen to own both a physical and digital version of the game the digital version takes priority so you won't have the option to just delete the game's data off your system anymore in order to downgrade. In such a case as this it requires you deleting your entire file from your system to use the physical version again as the default version. Trust me I know this from running Smash ultimate and owning both versions.


Although the ROMs are mostly unaltered the game in general is different enough to be separate from main categories.

By the way, SM64 uses the infamous Shindou Pak Taiou Version and Sunshine is the PAL version, essentially translated versions of the most recent releases. Shindou is slower for SM64, but it is the only version on iQue. afaik PAL is second fastest in Sunshine, slower than JPN and faster than USA.

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PAL Sunshine is kinda carried by language, if you ignore it it's tied with USA and JP 1.1, and probably around 15 seconds slower than JP 1.0 because of plaza load time differences. We don't know yet if that difference is reduced by the All-Stars version generally having much faster loads.

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patched versions 🤢

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