Any% in 33m 35s by wawawiwa1wawawiwa1 - 2nd place

getting back in the game!

lost 10 seconds at Mysterio fight (my hand was shaking for some reason lol)

the only way to save more time beyond that is just playing better ?

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Name Duration Finished at
Tutorial 1m 41s 000ms 1m 41s
Rhino 3m 21s 000ms 5m 03s
Bank 4m 11s 000ms 9m 14s
-outside 3m 34s 000ms 12m 48s
{Puma} building 1m 03s 000ms 13m 52s
Oscorp 8m 41s 000ms 22m 34s
-world 1 2m 01s 000ms 24m 35s
-world 2 2m 08s 000ms 26m 44s
{Mysterio} Outgunned 1m 59s 000ms 28m 44s
-station ambush 0m 49s 000ms 29m 33s
{Doc Dc} Dead octapus 4m 02s 000ms 33m 35s
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